The halls of the restaurant reminds of luxurious cosiness of antiquity while European and national cuisine, a wide range of wine and drinks let the guests enjoy real gourmand feast for their bodies and souls.

Perfect cuisine

Restaurant “Nidos Seklyčia” that is worldwide known and evaluated includes three halls:
The hall on the first floor that fits 26 guests is especially cosy in winter. The sparkling light of fire in the fireplace inside and the raging elements of nature outside create spectacular impression that makes one wish to return here more and more...
The hall on the second floor that fits 36 people enables to admire wonderful panorama of Curonian Lagoon and magnificent Parnidis Dune. You can feel as if glorious nature of Nida lies under your feet.
In the same hall on the second floor is a small separate Red hall that is separated by transformable door. The hall fits 10 people. You can close the door and enjoy your conversation. Cosy atmosphere inside, a huge oval table with good sound isolation makes this hall private.
During the warm season about 60 guests can enjoy their meal outside the restaurant. The novice of the restaurant is a 32 seats’ glass conference-restaurant hall that will satisfy all the needs of our guests.
Perfect cuisine, irreproachable service will definitely satisfy your expectations. It is an ideal place for business dinner, romantic evening and friendly party not only for two people but also for a group of friends. Banquets, entertainments and parties can be prepared by experienced staff. We organise meals for conference participants and tourist groups. We offer special menu for tourist groups. We can host up to 164 guests during summer season time and up to 104 guests during non season time in the restaurant.